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Cyber Force One

Does your business depend on your systems being up for survival? You bet it does!

It's why 43% of businesses want disaster recovery solutions, but think its too expensive and complex.

HighQuest Solutions - A Complete Defence Strategy

We at Highquest never underestimate the persistence, power, and passion of the cyber attacker. Threats come in various forms – external hackers, dark matter, phishing, Trojans, malware, insider sabotage, data theft and much more.

Here at Highquest, we believe in a complete defence strategy. A strategy based on how much you value your business, on your principles and mindset, how passionate you are in protecting everything you have worked hard for. It is about responding to your opponent’s unpredictable movements.

One who is afraid of being hit will finally be hit.

Powerful Defence Tools that cover you from ALL sides

We help you focus and develop your passion into a real Cyber security strategy that covers you from all sides.

Our consultants are leading Security experts in providing the best possible strategy using combination of protect and attack capabilities.

With our Security Partners, we have brought together an outstanding set of tools in our locker. Individually their performance is outstanding, but combined– they are exceptional. From end-point protection, server protection, email filtration, encryption, and disaster recovery from ransom threats.

Now lets ask that question again: How much are you prepared to buy back your own data?

Cyber Force One

  • End Point Protection - predict, prevent, detect and respond, at machine speed. Shut down attacks at machine speed with zero-touch response. Set policies to kill malicious processes and quarantine infected files.
  • Recover from Ransomware - when you’re infected with ransomware—you have two choices: pay the ransom or recover data from a clean backup. We provide the best recovery strategy possible and prevent the ransom.
  • Enterprise Immune System - using AI algorithms that mimic the human immune system to defend enterprise networks. The self-learning approach is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems.
  • Encrypt, Share, Protect, Encryption - a complete end-to-end email encryption product available on Microsoft Outlook, Mac, iOS, Android & Windows Mobile. It encrypts email in store and in transit. A complete replacement to Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive.
  • Secure Email Gateway - not all gateways are created equal, many will allow infected mail onto the network, slowing performance and frustrating employees. Our Secure Email Gateway offers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti- spam service levels — removing threats in the cloud before they reach your network.

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